Ordering an Omimi 

September 26, 2016.

I am not currently accepting orders for new work. Things are backed up as far into the future as I am comfortable with.

When ordering your custom Japanese style sword blade.  Your choice of steels is guaranteed.  L6 or 1086.  These are the only steels Howard will accept orders for.  The nagasa (blade length) will be with in a few mm of your order.  The sori (curve) will be with in 1/8 inch of your requested depth.  You can specify placement of the sori. The hamon can not be specified.  It is what it is.

Practitioners, Pros, Aficionados:  Feel free to specify your details in the Specifications field of the order form.  Geometry, motohaba, sakihaba, motokasane, sakikasane and so forth.  

Novices and art collectors:  Specify a nagasa length and leave the rest up to Howard.

Everyone: Howard knows more about MAKING Japanese style sword blades than you do.  All specifications are subject to Howard's approval.  

Sword Order Form